Privacy & Rights

Client Rights and Responsibilities

To help you to know about your rights and to help you understand them we have included some of them in this privacy policy. As a person with disabilities and as a person participating in our programs and services; we will go through these rights when you start receiving services from us. We will revisit them with you at least once a year. We give this information to the staff working with you so they know about your rights. Your rights are protected by Georgia laws.


It is our policy to maintain confidentiality in services delivered. With the individual’s written permission, information may be shared with the family as a part of the treatment plan. The family is always encouraged to be a part of the treatment plan. The individual may also choose to give written permission for other parties such as friends or referral sources to communicate with staff and have access to confidential information. Staff follow strict HIPAA guidelines. You also have to opportunity to access your records. You will need to complete a request for records which will be reviewed by our medical director for approval. Please contact your case manager for more information.

What information might we keep about you?

Individual Support Plan (ISP)

This plan describes where you live and who you want us to contact if there is an emergency. It also tells us about your health, the medications that you take, and about any safety concerns that we should know about. Our team meets on an annual basis to discuss practices that are tailored to the individual’s needs and to remove practices that are not working and to implement changes we feel will be better suited for the individual.

Health Care

This plan tells us your personal health needs if you require special supports. For example, if you need help with eating, bathing or mobility. We will follow guidelines and recommendations from the individual’s primary care physician.

Behavior Interventions and Support

If an individual is in need of help when they become angry, anxious or frustrated, the BSP tells us and our staff how to give the individual the help they need to keep them and others safe.

Person Centered Planning (PCP)

PCP is centered on communication between our staff and the individual for decisions and specific desired requests for functions and activities. Family, friends and support people are encouraged to be involved with our ISP (above) to plan with the individual, certain aspects of their life for the upcoming year.

Progress Notes

During the team meeting and planning, goals can be set for the individual. The staff worker will write progress reports and benchmarks that describe what we are doing to help the individual achieve their goals and what progress is being made.

General Reporting

Staff workers may also make notes and documentation of certain events including behavioral incidents. This information may be discussed between the individual’s family or support network (caregivers). Anyone that we share information with are predetermined during the initial program planning stage.

Critical Incident Report

If something serious happens involving an individual, it may be necessary to share information between family, staff and/or Support Coordinators. A report called a Critical Incident Report is written and a copy of this report is kept on file and is shared with others as necessary.

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